Gold loan is a simple concept. It is a loan, sanctioned by accepting the gold jewellery, ornaments of the customer as pledge. The banker uses the gold as security against latent mortgage default by the customer. In short, gold loan is secured against gold ornaments.

Gold loan software- Gold loan software is fully functional software for gold loan management, loan accounting, customer data management, for gold finance companies. Gold loan software has facility to create any number of different loan types and interest scheme types. The gold loan software is specially developed and designed to automate calculate the entire loan processing and tracking of premiums. It is easy and powerful software that allows jewelers, finance companies, finance companies to calculate, analyzes and optimizes gold loan schedules.

Gold loan software enabled for loan against gold as a security. The software is very easy to use and offers several useful features that assist to maintain records of gold, loan foreclosure, payment tracking, loan installment plan etc. The software also generates various types of reports that are useful for a gold loan company using this software. This software manages all types of interest rates (adjustable, fixed etc.), conventions and time periods for calculating the number of days in a period. This lending software automates the entire lending life cycle- from customer acquisition to recovery.

GTech web solutions provide gold loan which is clean, simple, reliable, intuitive, pleasant, and efficient and its user- friendly interface is not overly complex, but instead is straightforward, providing quick access to common features or commands. Our software is the online web and mobile based gold management software. It is very user friendly that users not required being proficient in IT. The system has a simple graphic user interface and features a logical distribution of functions. GTech web solution's software is a complete robust solution for gold loan management software. It has been specially designed to cater to the technological needs of managing gold loan in India. All integrated with accounts. GTech web solution's flexible and affordable pricing structure enabling companies to benefit regardless of their size. We are specialized in developing innovative gold loan software, that can brilliantly handle the customer details along with their pawn, installment etc.

GTech web solution is a proven quality gold loan software provider used by several organizations spread almost over India. We are reputed for our specialization, innovative and personalized time services. Our company has grown from strength not through media advertisement but through marginal prices, quality products, unmatched and dedicated services. GTech's all in one application with pawn broker management system as well s advanced accounting features. We use technologies like Asp . Net, VB.NET, C#.NET JQuery, SQL Server. We provide our valuable clients an excellent support service through telephone, video calling, online chat, physical support.

Our software consulting and solution providing company is catering to the software requirements of a wide spectrum of satisfied clients across India. Gold loan software provided by us is for medium and small sized financiers, private banks and institutions. GTech web solutions has established itself as a symbol of commitment, quality and integrity. Our creativity, dedication and integrity helps us to build and implement the highest quality technology based solutions to meet today's market demands. We value commitment and honesty which shows every plane of our business.

Some of the key features of GTech web solution's gold loan software are here-

GTech web solution's gold loan software enables for loan against gold as a security. Our software is very easy to use and offers a lot of features that assists to maintain records of gold, loan foreclosure, loan installment pan, payment tracking etc. The software generates different types of reports that are useful for a gold loan using this software. This easily operated software is with a set of messaging (sms alert), functionality and reporting features. There is module included trial balance, trial balance summery, profit and loss account, balance sheet, group summery. GTech web solution's gold loan software's features are listed below:
It is a complete solution to automate pawn broking finance or gold loan finance business.
Our gold loan software produces multiple receipts at the same time.
This software easily track pledged item inventory and customer information in one place.
It has simple and multiple interest scheme types and payment options.
The software we provide can produce letters regarding overdue and auctioning of arrears and reminders etc.
It provides accuracy in interest calculation that keep away from manual errors.
Part payment system with provision for daily or monthly interest calculation.
The software has figure print enrollment and verification.
It has multiple loans items with separate net weight, quantity and wastage options.

Advantages of GTech web solution's gold loan software-

Our gold loan software is very convenient to use.
It automates the loan process.
It enhances profitability and reduces overall cost.
The software enhances productivity and improves customer service.
It provides simple, transparent and personalized reports.
Clients can do instant access of data from anytime anywhere.
The software reduces risk factor and turnaround time.
It gives reminders of due and overdue payments.