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A logo is a visual mark that gives an identity to a business and helps people to instantly recognize the specific brand. A logo is the first impression and our custom logo design services are aimed towards making a remarkable impression. The experienced and creative professional logo designers from our company craft stunning logos that perfectly reflect the objective and spirit of a business. The first step towards creating a unique brand personality is to get a great logo designed by talented and skilled logo designers from the industry. As a highly reputed logo design company in India we always strive to provide businesses with unique, innovative and creative business logo design at the most affordable prices. Our designers can give your brand a refreshed look and feel.
GTech web solutions has emerged as one of the leading logo design company in India. We have designed creative logos for start-ups to established companies for their new products and brands. We love to, and our clients love that. Our clients have been very generous to praise our efforts which make us proud like nothing else. We thank all of our clients and will continue working to the best of our creativity for their business. We've taken what was once a very complex process and greatly simplified it through technology.

Organizations these days are quite conscious about their brand image and identity in the market hence they are interested in logo designing and branding; a logo describes the quality products and features the offerings of a company. It gives a distinct identity to a firm. People remember the name of a company by just having a impression of the company's logo. It provides an edge to a company in the marketing of its services and products and helps to reach to more customers.
Logo design is establishing a visual identity after thinking through using beautiful typography, strategically, imagery and colour palette. It takes something to make a brand for a business. We have it in us, and our clients have time and again reinforced our belief. We are not just creating a business logo design, but an identity for your business, which will make or break your image online, on your products, packaging, marketing materials and business communications. We don't just make pretty pictures, we build real brands.

We design three basic types of logos, which can be used alone or combined within one design:
. Illustrative logo (a logo which clearly illustrates what your companydoes)
. Graphic logo (a logo that includes a graphic, often an abstraction, of what your company does)
. Font-based logo (a text which treatments which your company)
Our logo designers can create a logo for you that will reflect the goals you have and the image you desire. One way to make your logo design more memorable is to animate it. Animated logos can also be very effective on your website.

We believe in creating a symbol of lasting impression for your company that is crucial in giving a complete picture of firm in just a look. Logos are designed by our team of professionals to impart the essence of your business, you are involved in, and branding is done after accurate research so that your business creates brand value in the market. The logos designed by us are entirely original, unique, attractive, colourful and do not violate the Copyright Act. You convey your business interest and give preferences and our dedicated, experienced team delivers a logo most suitable to your needs and aspiration.

Our designers are expert in:
Logo design
Brochure design
Info graphics design
Packaging design
Website design
Social media graphics
Landing pages
E-mail news letter design
Power point presentation and many more.


1. Simple- Complicated logo designs bombarded with too many elements could confuse or distract your audience instantly. An effective logo is simple, and covers the features that are vital to your business.
2. Memorable- It takes but a few seconds to create an impression that lasts forever. Logos created with the right blend of colours and vibrant graphics makes you stand tall amidst others.
3. Timeless- Just like classic Rock n Roll, your business must be timeless. An everlasting logo for your brand should survive the latest trends, allowing you to stay in business for many decades.
4. Versatile- As the logo design exhibits your brand image on various platforms like letterheads, banners, business cards, etc., it must be versatile in order to look effective at all sizes.
5. Appropriate- An effective logo design tells a story to the viewer. Analyze your audience base inside out to pick the right colour, font, design, concept that connects with your target.
6. Unique- Apart from being memorable and effective, a logo has to be different in order to be recognized among the crowd of competitors present in the same market.


Promoting business and marketing are the necessary tools in order to take business to places and generate revenue. For promoting any venture, identity plays an important role in determining the destiny of the business. GTech web solutions is the renowned name in offering logo design.
Here are some points why you need a logo:
. It conveys professionalism. It helps build trust.
. Logo makes a great first impression.
. Logo creates strong brand recognition and familiarity for a business. It makes people think of your service or products as soon as they sight it.
. Logos are meant to represent companies and foster recognition by consumers.
. Gives your business an identity.
. Designed with a concept and strategy of a professional.
. Projects a profession image.
. Provides correct formats with multiple variations.
. You will see a return on your investment.
. It tells your company story.
. It makes you stand out among the rest.
. Logo makes your customers happy.
. It allows your brand to be recognized across different platforms.
. It draws people to your company.
. Your logo changes how people perceive things on social media.


A great logo is more than images and words, a good logo tells a story about your company- who you are, what you do and what you stand for. That's a lot to ask of one piece of art, which is whys it's important that you take the time to do it right. We have taken a very complex process and greatly simplified it through technology. Fortunately, you don't have to do it alone. The steps below will take you through the process of designing a logo that will successfully brand you in the marketplace.
STEP I- Construct the creative design brief
STEP II- Research and discovery phase
STEP III-Logo sketches and brainstorming
STEP IV- Conceptualization
STEP V- Refinement and client presentation
STEP VI- Feedback and consultation
STEP VII- Concept development
STEP VIII- Completed graphic design presentation
STEP IX- Expansion to brand collateral
STEP X-Final, delivery and support
a) Export all final files and organise
b) Create brand guidelines document
c) Send zip to client and archieve in drop box
d) Ensure client understands all final files and give usage instructions
As mentioned above, GTech web solution's every project is truly different, that is one of the most enjoyable parts of being a branding agency.


Graphics design is the process of visual communication and problem solving through the use of typography, photography and illustration. It is the craft of visual content to communicate messages. Graphics design is an essential tool to enhance a brand's visibility and presence in an artistic and creative manner. We, GTech web solution's software not only grab the attention of potential clients but connect to their emotions. Informative and visually appealing images are much more powerful than words alone. Functioning as a graphic designing company, GTech web solutions offer a wide range of solutions to assist our clients in their critical business communication.
Creating creative graphic design is not an inborn talent; it comes with years of experience and constantly streaming knowledge regarding the invisible vocabulary of the fonts, colours, shapes and sizes. GTech web solution's graphic designers create and combine symbols, images and text to form visual representation of ideas and messages. They are typography, page layout techniques and visual arts to create visual compositions. Common uses of graphics design include corporate design, way finding or environmental design, advertising, web design, communication design, product packaging and signage. Applying visual hierarchy and page layout techniques, GTech web solution's graphic designers use typography and pictures to meet user's specific needs and focus on the logic of displaying elements in interactive designs to optimize the user experience.

We have established ourselves as one of the leading innovative graphics design company in India. It is the artistic design expression of concepts and using various graphics elements and tools. GTech web solution's graphic designers create visuals to meet precise commercial or promotional need like logos, website design. We focus on usability, simplicity and innovative user interface. Our graphic designers create visual concepts that inspire and captivate customers. GTech web solution's graphics designers are proficient in different designing tools and have a remarkable experience in handling web designing projects.


1) Balance- Balance leads stability and structure to an overall design. To understand it better, we think that there's a weight behind each of our design elements. Shapes, text boxes and images are the elements that form our design, so it's important to be familiar with the visual weight each of those elements possesses. Now, this doesn't mean that the elements always need to be distributed evenly or that they must be of an equal size-balance is either symmetrical or asymmetrical. Symmetrical balance is when the weight of elements is evenly divided on either side of the design, whereas asymmetrical balance uses scale, contrast, and colour to achieve the flow in design.
2) Proximity- Proximity helps in creating a relationship between similar or related elements. These elements need not be grouped together, instead, they should be visually connected by way of font, colour, size etc.
3) Alignment- Alignment plays a pivotal role in creating a seamless visual connection with the design elements. It gives an ordered appearance to images, shapes, and blocks of texts by eliminating elements placed in a disheveled manner.
4) Visual hierarchy- In simple words, a hierarchy is formed when extra visual weight is given to the most important element or message in GTech's design. It can be achieved in various ways-using larger or bolder fonts to highlight title, placing the key message higher than the other design elements; or adding focus to larger, more detailed and more colourful visuals than those less relevant or smaller images.
5) Repetition- Repetition is a fundamental design element, especially when it comes to branding. It creates a rhythm and strengthens the overall design by trying together consistent elements such as logo and colour palette, making the brand or design instantly recognizable to viewers.
6) Contrast- Contrast happens when there is a difference between the two opposing design elements. The most common types of contrast are dark vs. light, large vs. small, contemporary vs. old-fashioned, etc. Contrast guides a viewer's attention to the key elements, ensuring each side is legible.
7) Colour- Colour is an important design basic and it dictates the overall mood of a design. The colours we pick represent our brand and its tonality, so we are careful with the palette we choose. As a graphic designer, it's always helpful to have a basic knowledge of colour theory, for example, gold and neutral shades evoke an overall feel of sophistication, bright colours signal happiness, and blue creates a feeling of calmness. Colour palettes can be used as a contrast or even to complement the elements.
8) Negative space- 'Negative space' means the area between or around the elements. If used creatively, negative space can help create a shape and highlight the important components of our design.
9) Typography- Typography is one of the key pillars of design, and it speaks volumes about a brand or an artwork when executed stylistically or even customized. Sometimes, 'type' is all we need to showcase our design concept.
10) Rules- Once we are an adept graphic designer who understands the foundations of design, then it's time to break some of those rules. And, by that, we don't mean, use pixilated images or an illegible font type. Whatever it is that we are choosing to communicate should not be compromised. While these principles may require we become more observant and take mental snapshots of novel designs (that we stumble upon), we are key principles for those who want to create a great brand by way of strong visuals and content.


GTech web solutions cite top five reasons of having a graphic designer for your business:
. Helps create a strong impression
. Building a brand identity-
. It helps to convey your information
. A good graphics design can narrate a story-
. Strong graphics design = Strong consumer trust
We, GTech web solutions are a graphic design service company in India providing graphic consultancy for building a positive brand image which would not only reinforce loyalty among the existing clients but will help attract new once.


GTech web solutions offers wide range of graphic design outsourcing services for digital and print. We have provided professional-grade designs for clients of all sizes across the globe. Here are some of the outsource graphic design services we provide:
a) Branding style guide
b) Corporate stationery design
c) Emails and newsletter design
d) Annual report design
e) Social media banners
f) PowerPoint and keynote design
g) Packaging design
h) Layout and cover design
i) Brochure design
j) Infographics design
k) Business card
l) Postcard design
m) Poster design
n) Brand logo design


A solid graphic design process is integral to taking our projects to the next level. It can help us stay organized by laying a solid foundation when we get started. We improve our client communication by learning more about the client's brand, mission and audience. Plus we guided by this information. This helps the overall success of our project by getting results.
Here are the steps of GTech web solution's graphic design:
1) Analyze the brief
2) Identity key requirements
3) Research existing designs
4) Generate ideas
5) Develop ideas
6) Produce the design
7) Test the design
8) Place the design insitu
9) Evaluate the design
10) Redesign
A well-defined, systematic procedure nails down the project with a guarantee that all the parties involve are fully satisfied with the results. There is no hard and fast rule to what "system" works best. What works well for you may not be the best method for another. We try to come up with our own methods in ways that make our end product even more effect and effective.