Search Engine Optimization (SEO) practices of optimizing websites to make them reach a high position in any search engine's (like Google, Yahoo, Bing) search results. SEO targets different types of search such as news search, academic search, video search, image search etc. It practices of increasing the number and quality of visitors to a website by lift rankings in the algorithmic search engine results. SEO involves creative and technical activities that are generally grouped into offsite SEO and online SEO. It practices improve the user knowledge and experience of a web site. It is excellent for the social promotion of a company's website. SEO practice can put a company ahead of the competition. If two companies sale the same thing, the search engine optimized website is greater likely to have more consumers and make higher sales. So we can say that SEO is a marketing disciple focused on growing visibility in organic or natural or non-paid search engine results.
GTech web solutions has been helping 200+ clients to improve organic search visibility since 2006. We are not magicians but we can mesmerize our clients with our performance. We know that what makes search engines (like Google) happy about our client's website and we work accordingly. Our believe is that every website is exclusive and it needs different strategy. Our company is one of the most reliable and rapid growing companies in India. The demand for SEO services in countrywide has helped fuel rapid expansion of GTech web solutions into the national market, where there is constant need for businesses to boost its online exposure to spur financial growth. We have SEO development branches in Kolkata, Delhi, Mumbai and Kerala. We have a powerful team of SEO developers, SEO experts, link builders, content specialists, quality experts who are focused on accelerating client's online presence and meeting online marketing objectives by delivering cost-effective, comprehensive SEO services. Gtech web solutions is the bridge between client's ideas and their business's success in the digital world.

With the highest standards of teamwork, communication and professional excellence, we, GTech web solutions are firmly committed to our client's success. Our goal is to keep our clients ahead of the competition by offering strong SEO services. We truly understand the importance of SEO services that reflects the soul of our client's business to developing and promoting it correctly in order to tab the right audience at the right time. Our SEO approach drives more traffic to our client's website, higher organic result, gain more customers, makes sales, and fulfills their business objectives.

At GTech web solutions, we know that how SEO can be strategically done to improve search engine rankings. Our services are customized as per the requirements of start-ups and established companies. We implement optimization techniques to raise our client's ranking in top search engines. Visitors can see them often in search engines and recognize their business name. We, GTech web solutions, bring traffic to our client's website through strategies without using paid advertisement. Through our SEO services potential clients can be converted to customers who wants to buy products or services, more sales leads to better revenues that can be used to take our client company forward. Our client companies grow faster with better visibility, more brand awareness and more clients with the help of GTech web solution's smooth, continuous SEO services.

Here are top key features of GTech web solution's SEO services:

a) SEO audit score
b) Scalability
c) International capability
d) Keyword discovery with landing page mapping
e) Client referrals
f) Execution of SEO
g) Reporting
h) Tracking changes
i) Vision and opportunity forecasting
j) Page level competitive analysis
k) Link building
l) Competitor analysis

Advantages of GTech web solution's SEO service:

a) Increase organic traffic- GTech web solution's SEO service increases organic traffic of client's website. Organic traffic is in reference to the number of visitors, landing on our client through non-branded search queries. By optimizing content and website with keywords, both prospective and returning customers will have easier time searching our client's products and services. Search engines like Yahoo will also be more likely to rank their website higher on the results page.

b) Low cost, high return on investment (ROI) - Our SEO service does yield quantifiable results. Tracking conversions, increase in rankings, website traffic across search engines provide our clients with granular level data about their customers and their level of engagement down the purchase funnel. Analyzing this information can then help our client's marketing campaign and save money, time, and resources in the process. GTech web solution's SEO service is also crowned as the most long term and cost effective marketing strategy for building awareness, increasing conversions and generation leads.

c) Powerful segmentation- Traditional marketing like newspaper, television ads, billboard signs classifieds all seem like costly strategies that are doomed from the beginning, badly screaming for attention without much conviction to keep listing. Rather of preaching aimlessly GTech web solution's SEO service naturally attracts client's customers who are seeking their products or service. Our SEO service also allows breaking down segmentation into a decimal by keywords, location, referring sites, device, behavior, landing pages and many more.

d) Builds credibility- People are more likely trust and visit the website if it is found near the top of the first page against anything that is found near the button. GTech web solution's SEO service can enhance the credibility of client's business in many ways. Content optimization, link building and social engagement are some of our approaches to build a successful and reputable website.

e) Create brand awareness- Similar to building creativity, our client's businesses that have set up a strong existence become preferred brands when users are seeking their products and services. This is especially when a website has higher ranking links pointing to their website. GTech web solution's thoroughly researched "how-to" guides, lists and case studies all make for great content, for both search engines and users.

f) Ahead of the competition- The digital world is continuously changing but trends show that people are conducting more online research before making ultimate purchase. SEO service supports businesses to create a powerful online existence and in turn stay competitive and generate leads. GTech web solution's SEO service gives deep competitor analysis, recognizing the position accomplishment of client's top competitors as well as discovery client's ranking and demographics opportunities.


Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is the procedure of gaining website traffic by purchasing advertisements on search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing. SEM is one of the most effective techniques to grow a business in an increasingly competitive market place. Most search engines have an ad platform for SEM. It involves things such as keyword research, search engine optimization (SEO), paid listings, competitive analysis and other search engine services that increases search traffic to website. Once SEM was used as an umbrella term to SEO and paid search activities. SEM is a broader concept than SEO. SEO aims to provide more excellent organic search results; SEM helps successfully target users of search engines via paid advertisement links in search results. SEO is considered as a subset of SEM services. So we can consider that SEM is a form of internet marketing which promotes websites by increasing their visibility in search engine results pages through paid advertising.
GTech web solutions delivers end-to-end SEM services which give our clients the winning edge. With our superb services, our clients can avail the advantages of excellent business leverage at low risk and low cost. We design a custom SEM strategy to get the perfect outcomes keep in mind the requirement, constraints and objectives of client's business. Simultaneously, we pursue a flexible approach to maintain with the changing algorithms of the search engines to maximize the return on investment within an optimal time span. Our aim is to obtain our client's desired traffic with the help of search engines so that they can raise their brand value and sales as well. Our SEM service serves as a simple, quick and cost effective solution for getting a steady flow of traffic of client's website. It is an ideal approach if the business is not getting sufficient traffic organically, with the help of GTech web solution's conventional SEO techniques alone.

At GTech web solutions, we consider in creating tailor-made marketing solutions for our valuable clients as per their respective requirements. We work together with the clients to make clear that they gain maximum returns from our digital marketing services. We tremendously proud to have a highly qualified, experienced team of SEM experts and offer customized SEM packages that are created for different business requirements and budgets. Our track record shows that we created 200+ successful SEM campaigns for satisfy clients across the nation. We, GTech web solutions understand the competitors, customers, challenges and resources of the client to set up campaigns that match their expectations. We value our clients and believe to serve them with competent and ethical business practices.

Here are some benefits of GTech web solution's SEM services:

a) It connects the probable clients with the business directly.
b) SEM drives targeted traffic to website 24*7.
c) Lowest costs per client acquisition.
d) It improves the measurable results of website promotion campaign.
e) SEM able to reach out to the worldwide audience.
f) It acquires new customers.
g) Optimum business leverage.

Followings are GTech web solution's SEM services:

a) Campaign management- The benefits of SEM campaign lies on the choice of the appropriate blend of advertisements as well as maintaining it over its life cycle. GTech web solution's SEM professionals keep their eye on the accomplishment of the campaign and make all the requisite adjustments in it to make clear that client's business gets an optimum return on investment.

b) Keyword search- Keywords are the foundation of SEM as the right choice decides the level of traffic the client capable to get to their website. GTech web solution's expert professionals' team helps the client to identify the right keywords to invest in for a strong paid campaign.

c) Market analysis- Market analysis is the most important element of SEM services at it allows the clients to get the top keywords for lift up their business ranking. GTech web solution's SEM experts carry out a comprehensive analysis of the keywords being used by their competitors and help them bid on the ones that would leave them behind.

d) Advertisement campaign design- We, GTech web solutions, design and run targeted advertisement campaigns on the different social medias like Twitter, Facebook, Google etc. Our strategy includes banner advertisement, landing pages, remarketing and affiliate marketing to obtain top rankings for their business.

e) Analysis- Analysis is significant to build sure that a SEM campaign is delivering desirable results. We mix in-depth analytics as a part of strategic marketing methods. Analytics are used to study parameters are the user search history, keyword searches, hardware used, geographical location.

f) Reporting- The job of GTech web solution's SEM goes beyond making and maintaining paid advertisement campaigns to get high visibility for the client's business. SEM is also liable for delivering measurable output that can be tracked at any time by the client. We have advanced reporting tool to help clients measure the ability of their paid campaign.

GTech web solution's online marketing strategy involves paid website promotion on search engines like Yahoo and Google, to provide our clients with exceptional opportunities to engage with their customers. We offer terrific SEM services with the most efficient way for better traffic, increase high in ROI and lead generation, to grow businesses to get ahead of the competition. We have achieved the high positioning in the top results of the search engines for our clients.